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Mid-West Wholesale Lighting Corp. was founded in 1963 by Max Frandzel at the age of 47, a time in most people’s lives when they begin to plan for retirement. Born and raised in Chicago, Max took over his father’s candy business at the age of 18, when his father became ill. Having a great love of music, Max also helped support his family playing the saxophone in “dime-a-dance” halls and nightclubs. He played the clarinet in symphony orchestras, and conducted a military band to entertain veterans. He also enjoyed playing his sax at a local retirement home or just entertaining the troops on special occasions at Mid-West.

Max opened Mid-West’s doors in November, 1963, at 601 N. La Brea in Los Angeles. Max ran the business by himself, later getting help from his two sons, Alan and Bob. Fluorescent fixtures and lamps were Max’s basic product lines in the beginning; other lines were added as the company grew.
Mid-West Lighting 1975 In 1965 they received Halo Lighting’s (now Cooper Lighting) track and recessed line, which helped them become one of the largest independent lighting wholesalers in the nation.

In 1975, with about five employees, the company moved to its present location at 5250 Hollywood Blvd. They opened their doors with a complete lighting showroom, stocked and displayed every type of lighting – decorative fixtures and chandeliers, track, recessed, low voltage, ballasts, fluorescent, HID, along with lamps to suit every need. Now with a staff of over 35 people, Mid-West continues to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers and vendors. Their sales people are still regarded as some of the most knowledgeable in the lighting industry.
Their lighting events are touted industry-wide as one of the not-to-be-missed lighting shows. In 2010, during an industry deep-recession period, Mid-West Lighting held one of their biggest events right in their own parking lot, displaying new LED products and fixtures from many of their vendors. They also showcased their newest lighting achievement – the Mid-West LED Solution Center. This unique “light lab” is used to display various types of energy-efficient LED fixtures in a controlled environment – one of few like it in the nation.

Mid-West continues to be a third-generation, family-owned business. We invite all industry-professionals to come in, say “Hi!” and be a part of the Mid-West “family,” while we enjoy over 55 years in business!

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